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Emergency Information

Firstly phone the Centre on 01743-344921



If pain, bleeding or trauma resides from a breakage of the brace this is classed as an emergency, ring the practice in the first instance for advice during normal working hours. If you have an emergency outside nomal working hours, there will be an alternative number on the answerphone to ring depending in which county you live in.



Avoid hard and sticky foods to prevent breakages.  Care should also be taken with all contact sports.  However accidents do happen and a breakage may occur where you have a loose band (metal ring around a back tooth) or a bracket has become detached from the front surface of a tooth.  These types of breakages may require a sooner appointment rather than waiting until your scheduled one, contact the practice for advice.



Your brace is delicate and should be treated with respect at all times, as advised by Mr Chadwick!



Details  of Emergencies and Advice


Pain and discomfort

When braces are first fitted pain and discomfort is a normal part of the initial process and after each subsequent adjustment.  The pain should subside 3 - 5 days later and take what ever you take for a headache normally to get you through this period.  Ring the practice if you require any further advice.



Mouth sore/Brace rubbing

Use your wax to cover the area that is causing the soreness.  Use a mouthwash regularly to keep the area clean and reduce inflammation. i.e warm salt water.  Contact the practice.



Problem with removable appliance

Continue wearing the appliance if possible and ring the practice for a sooner appointment than your scheduled one.  If you are unable to wear your appliance we need to see you quite soon.



If a rubber band has been lost or snapped, other than the type you are advised to put on and off yourself

Contact the practice and we will make an earlier appointment.



Bracket off (square attachment on the front surface of each tooth)

Contact the practice as soon as possible.  Leave the bracket on the wire, if it causes irritation use your wax to place over the area.  We will make an appointment within a week to replace it, be careful with your diet, continual breakages prolongs you treatment .



Metal band off ( metal ring around the last tooth)

Telephone the practice as soon as possible.  Keep the band and bring it to your emergency appointment.  The band is cemented to the tooth by a fluoride impregnated cement which also fills the area which prevents any plaque or debris harbouring underneath.  A loose band means the cement has cracked and an area for debris could form and cause irritation and possible decay, contact the practice.



Wire sticking in

It is possible for the archwire to come out of the back attachment on the last tooth in the early stages of treatment and poke into your gum.  By using a pair of tweezers the wire can be guided back into place, through the small cylindrical tube attachment.   Otherwise ring the practice for a sooner appointment and place your wax or a piece of cotton wool over the end of the wire until your emergency appointment.



Broken  retainer

Contact the practice as soon as possible.  Even though the retainer is broken, if possible continue wearing it until you receive your new one.  If you have lost your retainer contact the practice immediately to get a new one made.  Teeth are surrounded by living tissue and can move, especially if active treatment has not long been completed.



Lost or broken retainers/appliances due to patient neglect will incur a NHS fee.



Lost blue separator

If your next appointment is within 2 days don't worry , just keep that appointment.  Otherwise contact the practice to have the separator replaced.



Problem with your Headgear


Avoid any horseplay with friends or family whilst wearing your headgear.  If your headgear is loose, stop wearing it and keep your next appointment if it is within 2 weeks, otherwise ring the practice and make a sooner appointment.  Accidents with headgear are rare, however if an eye injury is caused go to the Accident and Emergency department immediately.


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