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Quality Assurance

We are committed to providing a high quality and professional service to all our patients.  We take pride in our high tech facilities and equipment which benefit both patients and the environment by reducing patients' radiation exposure (if radiographs are required) and minimizing our carbon footprint. 


Our Specialist Team provides professional care to our patients in a friendly atmosphere.  Our cross infection measures are paramount in keeping both patients and staff safe at all times.


Since April 2006 NHS funding for orthodontic treatment from the government and our Local Area team has been rationed and treatment for minor irregularities has to be funded by the patient.  Every child under the age of 18 years is entitled to an orthodontic assessment - ask your dentist if you feel you need a referral.  Eligibility for NHS treatment is measured by an index called ‘ Index for Orthodontic Treatment Need’ (IOTN).  Scores of 4 and 5 qualify for NHS treatment and some 3’s if they have an aesthetic component of 6 or more.  View IOTN and aesthetic components.


Results from our February 2015 New Patient Consultation Questionairre


30 random patients were seen in February and were asked to fill in a questionairre comprising of 15 questions which would highlight their expierence as a new patient to the Centre.

 The outcome was very positive, patients found the Centre very calm, professional, clean and all the staff pleasant and polite. 

100% of patients indicated they were able to express their concerns, the treatment options available were explained clearly and they were able to ask questions about the types of treatment options.

Any written information that had been given was easy to understand and if treatment was not offered an explanation was given why not.

 Patients comments from the questionnaire

" Excellent appointment.  We were dealt with very well and the orthodontist made me and my daughter very relaxed".


" Everybody was very kind and helpful, thank you.  Mr Chadwick was extremely helpful and informative."


"Very informative and professional, nice pleasant and clean environment."


"Most efficient medical service centre I've ever visited. Thank you."


We audit all our referrals annually to ascertain the percentage of our patients that qualify for NHS treatment using the IOTN scoring system.  The results were that 79% of the referrals were appropriate and qualified for NHS treatment.

Results from another recent audit called ' Reasons for Patients Discharged in 2014'   They ranged from patients that had moved away from the area and no longer requiring orthodontic treatment (but we were not told they had moved), to patients failing to attend their consultation appointment. Or for those who had been referred with poor oral hygiene (4.4%) -braces would not be offered if their oral hygiene was not of a high standard because of the potential risk of tooth and gum damage that could be caused. 25.8% referred were inappropriately referred on the NHS because they had a low IOTN score.  This emphasises the importance for continually  educating staff, patients, dentists and our community, this would reduce the waste of NHS resources.

The information gained from these audits will help the Centre improve and support their commitment to providing quality care and education.



Friends and Family Test

On April 1st 2015 the 'Friends and Family Test' was introduced, this is a contractual requirement for all practices providing treatment commissioned by NHS ENgland.

The test is based on one simple question, patients are asked 'Would you recommend this service to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment?'

The centre also asked another question which will help the centre ascertain the needs of the patients further so we can continually improve our service and give patients a voice and give staff up to date patient feedback which boosts morale.


Some additional patient comments received were:


Results from October 2017

57 patient responses in total for this month.

Extremenly likely: 45

Likely: 10

Neither likely , or unlikely: 1

Unlikely: 0

Extreemely Unlikely: 1

Don't Know: 1

Some additional patient comments received were:

'General professionalism of the service, friendly staff, clear guidelines/advice, good organisation, prompt appointments, and willingness to accommodate requests.'

'Every visit been informative, appointment times kept well, all staff lovely and helpful.  Excellent overall service.'

'Always friendly and make you feel at ease and always explain clearly what they need to do.'

'Welcoming, explanation of procedures is accurate, cleanliness, friendly.'

'Very professional service, very direct approach and explains clearly to the children what is required.'


Results from November 2017

59 patient responses in total for this month.

Extremenly likely:  46


Neither likely , or unlikely: 1

Unlikely: 0

Extremely Unlikely: 0

Don't Know: 0


'Always super friendly + welcoming, making my 14 year old at ease when attending appointments.  The sugary drinks display has given him lots to think about!'

'Two of my children have had braces, we couldn't be happier with the level of care and support they have received here. Many thanks.'

'Efficient, professional and very helpful/polite staff'.

'It is an excellent practice and has everything to suit your needs and queries.  I would be very likely to recommend this practice to others'.

'Staff are always very kind and helpful.  The practice is very welcoming and friendly.'


Results from December 2017

55 patient responses in total for this month.

Extremely likely: 42


Neither likely , or unlikely:2

Unlikely: 0

Extremely Unlikely: 0

Don't Know: 0

Some additional patient comments received were:

'They are very kind and helpful but most of all do a great job!  I am really pleased with my smile.'

'A professional practice and the text reminder is welcome.'

'Because the staff are very professional and when I had a problem with braces I had a very quick response.'

'I'm so glad I chose to have treatment and would like others to be so.'

'Both of my children have been patients.  The quality and service is excellent and the outcome for both children amazing.'

'Excellent service,friendly staff, professional very clean clinic areas.'



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