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There is no charge for NHS treatment unless an appliance is lost or broken.  Following active treatment a period of 12 months retention supervision is included in the course of treatment. Any problems with your retainers after this period will attract a fee.


Private Patient


Assessment – At this first visit you will be examined and we will discuss the treatment that could be available and the costs involved.  This visit may involve the taking of x-rays, impressions, photographs and an oral hygiene assessment in order for the clinician to complete their diagnosis.  Sometimes not all of the above may be necessary as your dentist may have provided some of this information.  Another visit may prove necessary to allow time to further assess your case, the charge for this assessment is £125.00 which is payable when booking your appointment.  Costs for treatment varies according to the complexity of the treatment required and will be confirmed after completion of the assessment.  During this first visit you should feel free to ask any questions.


What next?  - If after careful consideration you decide that you would like to proceed then we can make arrangements for interest-free personal medical finance over 12 months, or 18 months with a 30% deposit, or you can pay half the cost at the beginning and the other half six months into treatment.  ARC Orthodontics Limited, trading as Shrewsbury Orthodontic Centre is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


A course of treatment depending on the severity of the case could take anything from 6 to 36 months to complete and so the cost of a course of treatment could be from £200.00 to £4,000.00 


If you decide not to go ahead with treatment you just need to let us know and no further visits will be necessary.


Starting treatment - We will be able to arrange the fitting of the appliances after you have signed a consent to treatment form and the financial arrangements are in place.


Are there any additional costs? - Sometimes there are additional costs related to lost or broken appliances.  Following active treatment a period of 12 months retention supervision is included in the cost.  Anything after this period will attract a separate fee.


If at any time you wish to discuss any aspects of your treatment please feel free to talk to us .  We are always happy to take phone calls from you.


If you wish to discuss or make a Private consultation appointment, telephone the Centre on 01743 344921, or download a self referral form and email it to us at: admin@shrewsbury-orthodontics.co.uk or complete the form online.


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