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Types of Braces

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Fixed braces, a choice of coloured modules are available but they have to be earned. Initially silver is placed, come to your next appointment with nice clean teeth and braces and you can choice the colour.

Removable Appliances on the NHS are made from clear plastiic and metal

Most patients are advised to wear retainers for 3 months full – time and then nights only for a further 9 months, reducing to 6 months of wearing  every other night , then 6 months of every other night until you are down to wearing them about one or two nights a week indefinitely if you wish to keep your result.




Ceramic upper and lower braces creating a very aesthetically pleasing smile

Upper ceramic and lower metal braces.  Not many people show their lower teeth, this reduces the cost.

Coloured  Removable Appliances.  Patients can choose which colour/s they would like their appliances to be made of - Available colours and motifs

We also make customised gum shields which are which can be made in different colours and designs - Available colours and motifs.





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