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Appliance Care

Fixed Appliance Cleaning

Using a medium bristled small headed tooth brush will improve access around your appliances. Use gentle but direct brushing to include the appliance, tooth surfaces as well as your gums. Interdental brushes clean simply and effectively around brackets and wires. Simple adaptation of the brushes helps clean tooth surfaces and the appliance. Single tufted brushes are useful for the difficult to access sites. Filaments can be splayed onto the tooth surface and under the gum margins.






Care of Removable Braces


Always fill the sink with water when cleaning your brace. This way if it slips out from your fingers it will land in the water and not against the porcelain sink, potentially breaking it.

Use toothpaste and your toothbrush to clean it morning, night and after meals being careful not to distort the metal wires/clasps.  Brush your palate when you brush your brace keeping everything clean and healthy. Use Retainer Brite to disinfect the brace once a week to keep it clean and fresh. Keep your removable brace in a hard box when not in the mouth for protection.



Care of Vacuum Formed Retainers


Clean the retainer with liquid hand soap (unperfumed) and a toothbrush. Don't use toothpaste as it is abrasive and will cause small scratches in the retainer which will make it look yellow and frosty in appearance.

Support the retainer with your thumb and fingers where you are brushing it to prevent it from cracking. Disinfect the retainer once a week with Retainer Brite to keep it clean and fresh.

Keep your retainer in a hard box when it is not in the mouth for protection.


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