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Other Components

Quad Helix Expander

Patients who suffer from crossbite can be treated using the "Quad Helix Expander". The appliance is fitted to the back teeth of the upper jaw. Whilst under compression it will naturally push outwards, gently expanding the upper jaw. The upper jaw expands to match the width of the lower jaw.  Once the bite has been corrected the device is normally removed later on in treatment.

Enamel Stripping

Sometimes overcrowding can be solved without removing teeth. Stripping a very thin layer of enamel from a number of teeth can create room. This is normally performed with abrasive strips. The teeth can then be aligned using a Fixed Appliance.

Mini Anchorage Implant

Mini Implants (or temporary anchorage devices) can be used as anchor points. This enables a tooth to be repositioned without effecting the position of any other teeth. 


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