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Fixed Appliance

A bracket is fitted to each tooth. A wire is then connected to each bracket. Coloured modules secure the wire to the brackets. When we fit the brace, silver modules (the same colour as the brace) are used.  If your brace and teeth are clean next visit without any breakages a different colour can be used.  There are may different colours available. Slowly, over several months, the wire is shortened pulling the teeth gently into line.

Retainers are provided after any course of fixed appliance treatment to retain the result.

Twin Blocks

These are used to convert a ClassII (relatively prominent upper jaw) profile to a normal profile.  Custom made twin block appliances are produced and placed in the mouth. When the mouth closes, the lower jaw is moved forward. Over time this will permanently reduce the prominence of the upper teeth and improvee the patient's profile.

Removable Appliance

Patients who suffer from a crossbite often have a V-shaped arch. A removable appliance is custom made to fit the shape of each patient's mouth. Slowly, over several months, it is expanded using the adjustment screw in the appliance. Finally, the arch becomes classically U-shaped.

This type of appliance can also correct a deep overbite preventing  loss and damage to gums and teeth later on in life.


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